Breaking Formality
Just your average, 20something year old, bisexual, from the U.S. exploring their sexuality, spreading sex positivity and sexual literacy. But more than anything, I love turning people on. Have fun ;)

One of my biggest fetishes is something i like to call, breaking formality. Taking a professional, formal, environment, and introducing casual, informal practices. This is usually represented by office sex (executive and his secretary, boss and employee), but it can be found in other situations. Such as a professor and a sexually-frustrated student, or a young man helping a middle-aged soccer-mom rediscover her sexuality. Breaking formality is bringing liberal, passionate, sexuality into a formal, conservative environment.

Obviously I post more than that, like whatever else turns me on.
  1. fishnethousepet:

    Three Booty Shaking Vids!

    Description: 3 full HD videos of me shaking my 51 inch ass! In these three videos I dance to Rihanna - Rude Boy, Nicki Minaj ft. Cassie - The Boys and Sean Paul - Temperature in three different outfits. Watch my huge ass grind and jiggle for you at the low price of just 5 credits a video!!

    Buy it here!

    Her ass is worth way more than that. I just might go and buy these when I get home :)

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